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Ayuda a domicilio
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Servicios de limpieza
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Ayuda a Domicilio | Vidamar
Home Care Services
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Servicios de Limpieza | Vidamar
Cleaning Services
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Formación | Vidamar
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Hygiene and personal care, prevention of bedsores, postural changes and comprehensive home help services.

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Professional cleaning and maintenance services for buildings, offices, educational centers, health centers, etc.

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Training for active people and unemployed people, development of academic training plans, etc.

Quienes Somos | Vidamar

Look to the future with hope

Vidamar SCA is a non-profit cooperative whose purpose is the promotion and full social and/or labor integration of citizens.

Providing social and health services, our objective is to help and care for all those people who cannot fend for themselves, without having to leave their family environment, promoting also their autonomy. The years of experience accumulated by the management team endorse us in our purpose of providing a service based on human quality, professional and personalized, with the commitment to respect the confidentiality and dignity of people.