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Always close to you

As we are getting older, we need more attention and support in our home, both to carry out daily tasks, such as preparing meals, personal hygiene and more activities that are not so easy to carry out on our own. The same happens with people who for different reasons are dependent.

It is a provision of a complementary and transitory nature, preferably carried out at home that provides, through qualified and supervised personnel, a set of preventive, formative, rehabilitative and care actions for people and coexistence units with difficulties to stay or function in his usual means.

Your health, the most important thing

Health and well-being of all those in need are our priority. For more than 20 years we provide the best care to our elderly and dependents and they are the best letter of introduction for all our services.

Hygiene and personal care
Eschar prevention
Postural changes
Patients mobilization
Medication control

Document management
Medical procedures
Food preparation and feeding
Cleaning and home care
Palliative care

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