Who is Vidamar?

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Vidamar SCA is a non-profit cooperative whose purpose is the promotion and full social and/or labor integration of citizens.

Vidamar has a multidisciplinary team, composed by professionals essentially from the social, health and education fields. Our company is committed to define its authority structure and managing the processes necessary to determine the continuous improvement of the company. In relation to this, the company guarantees personnel qualitification suitability.

Vidamar was established in 2000 by a team of psychologists and in our beginnings it was a psychology center, in which they fundamentally evaluated and intervened with patients, boys and girls and adults, with therapeutic needs; and all this as a private company.

After our first experiences as therapists and given the possibility of expanding the field of work, we offer our consulting, guidance, counseling, evaluation and intervention services to educational centers, AMPAS, centers and socio-health care services, women’s associations, etc.

In 2002, we started a new line of activity, training in the private field as we identify at that time the importance of training in all organizations, and thanks to our previous work, we obtained in 2008 the authorization to operate as a collaborating center in matters of FPO of the Ministry of Employment of ‘Junta de Andalucía’.

In 2008, we move from theory to practice, managing the Home Help Service of Níjar City Council (Almería).

Providing social and health services, our objective is to help and care for all those people who cannot fend for themselves, without having to leave their family environment, promoting also their autonomy.

The years of experience accumulated by the management team endorse us in our purpose of providing a service based on human quality, professional and personalized, with the commitment to respect the confidentiality and dignity of people.

In 2014 Vidamar pursuing its constant search for business development, obtained a public tender to be awarded the cleaning service of the Calar Alto of Gérgal Astronomical Center (Almería). Vidamar is a responsible organization, based on the cooperation and individual development of all its members, and which applies democracy throughout its structure.


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Hygiene and personal care, prevention of bedsores, postural changes and comprehensive home help services.

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Professional cleaning and maintenance services for buildings, offices, educational centers, health centers, etc.

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Training for active people and unemployed people, development of academic training plans, etc.